Top US Companies for Health Insurance

Choosing a health insurance company can be frustrating and confusing. The number of plans and options are sometimes overwhelming. Then, factor in the hundreds of health insurance companies that are in operation, and the whole thing can make you feel like giving up. But you can’t give up-health insurance is just too important for you and your family. We’ve put together a list of the top US companies for health insurance to help you make the right choice.


When looking at member numbers, WellPoint is the largest company in the US. More than 70 million people are insured through them. Formed in 2004 when merged with Anthem, WellPoint operates from its headquarters in Indianapolis.

  • Plans offered are Blue Cross/Blue Shield (through independent licensure) in 14 states. Throughout the rest of the nation, WellPoint offers plans called UniCare.
  • Plans are managed care and include PPOs, HMOs, POS, as well as hospital-only and limited-benefit plans.
  • Offers specialty products through affiliate companies such as life, disability, vision, long term care and behavioral health.
  • Managed care is offered to customers that are self-funding: claims, cost management, wellness, disease management and administrative services.


CIGNA is one the longest-standing health insurance companies, being in business over 125 years. It is based in Philadelphia and operates in more than 29 countries. CIGNA Healthcare has three branches, or divisions to serve its members.

  • CIGNA HealthCare: corporate and individual health plans. Offers medical, pharmacy, vision, dental and behavioral health coverage.
  • CIGNA Group: a top provider for group disability, accident and life coverage.
  • CIGNA International: foreign based employees of multinational corporations are served by providing health, life and accident insurance.


Offering benefits throughout the entire US, Aetna is operates from Hartford. In business since 1853, benefits are provided through employers.

  • Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries are served in limited markets.
  • Products are specifically tailored for small, medium and large size companies.
  • Offers health, pharmacy, dental, disability insurance, group life, as well as employee benefits.


Based in Louisville since 1961, Humana began with one long-term care facility and then grew to a network of over 100 hospitals. Several years later, they entered the health insurance field. With more than 10 million members, Fortune ranked Humana #73 in the US by yearly revenue.

  • Offers a large range of services that include Medicare plans, individual, vision, dental, life and supplement plans.
  • Humana serves members with one of the largest PBMs (pharmacy benefit manager). The mission is to provide members with access to needed medication while giving information on proven alternative medications to provide a better value.

United Healthcare

A division of the United Health Group, United was formed through a corporate reorganization in 1977. Ranked by Fortune at #22 for revenues and first for innovation in the insurance industry, United has also made the world’s list of companies most admired. They offer three divisions to serve members.

  • Employer and Individual
  • Medicare and Retirement
  • Community and State

Through the different divisions, United offers a large diversity of benefits to small and large businesses, as well as individuals.