Clinical Interview In Psychological Assessment

Psychologists, like doctors need tools to examine a patient. They do not simply read minds. They are done for a specific reason. A clinical interview is one such tool to understand and diagnose a person in better ways. They are used by psychologists to get to the root of the problem followed by various methods that will help. Unlike other interviews, a clinical interview is always conducted with a set time. These interviews will also help in understanding the behavioural patterns and will bring them to a point of accepting their own psychological problems.

Unlike doctors, Forensic Psychologists Los Angeles has a huge impact on the mind of the patient and hence every step is taken forward with clear understanding of the condition. Hence, there are various types of interviews that are involved for different reasons. Different patterns of behaviour are recorded.

Dual diagnosis is done during these interviews to know if a person has got psychological problems and substance abuse problems. These steps will also help the therapists to come up with the right medication which is a crucial step in such treatments as many medical treatments can lead to other psychological problems. Neuropsychological testing will help when a person has not made any improvements but still needs help.

Psychological Assessment

A clinical interview will force the patient to talk and express details that the psychologists can use to help him or her. A psychological interview is not just about the patient’s answers but it has so much to do about the his/her approach, movements, body language, use of words, confidence, posture and a lot more. To read this, a patient must be given a safe space to discuss and also the patient must be assured that everything he is saying is confidential.

PCH treatment center holds psychological testing Los Angeles in a variety of specific areas. For every treatment, a variety of evaluations have been conducted with quantitative and qualitative measures.

Clinical interview do not always result in the truth but at some points they do help the therapists to understand a gist of what is going on in the mind of the patient. Forensic Psychologist Los Angeles also determines the time period and treatment based on the clinical interviews that they have to go through. Other than the psychological issues, the clients’ family background, social life, culture, work, childhood and other personal details are collected to help understand the root of the issue.

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